Germany might be the most misunderstood wine country on the planet. Hobbled by an idiotic wine law, labelling conventions that are nothing but quixotic to non-German speakers and still settled with a residual Liebfraumilch image, German wine is confusing, even for experts. But despite this baggage Germany today is a vibrant, creative and progressive wine country at the very heart of Europe. Wine is made in thirteen regions across four degrees of latitude. Anne Krebiehl MW, an acknowledged expert on German wine, showcases the new Germany (with far more clean-cut labelling) and gets rid of a few misconceptions and prejudices in the process.The wines of Germany explains Germany's intrinsic regionality and puts the country into context in terms of its climate and geography. Krebiehl explains why rivers and slopes are so important to German viticulture and puts it in an economic context. She analyses Germany's unusually fragmented producer base and its challenging climate and vintage variation before examining in detail the wines of today's German regions.

The Wines of Germany

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  • Author: Anne Krebiehl

    Publishing House: Infinite Ideas

    Year: 2019