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Wine has been made commercially in Canada since the mid-1800s 

but Canadian wine has begun to register with professionals and consumers in the wider wine world only in the last five to ten years, as quality has dramatically improved.

Canadian wine is  now being exported in meaningful volumes to the U.S., Asia and Europe.
Since the beginning of this century the number of wineries has increasedmany-fold (the great majority are less than fifteen years old), wine regions have been demarcated (and some divided into sub-appellations), wine laws have been adopted in three important wine-producing provinces (there is no national wine law), and indigenous and hybrid vines have largely been replaced by vitis vinifera varieties in the main wine regions. 
Here, Canadianwine expert Rod Phillips provides an overview of Canada's wine regions, their climate, soil, and other geographic conditions, and the grape varieties they grow most successfully. The wines of Canada discusses the key producers of each region (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada), and the styles of wine most characteristic of their production, as well as analysing vintage variation and noteworthy viticultural and winemaking techniques, such as burying vines to protect them from winter temperatures in some regions. The
book concludes with useful practical appendices covering the distribution of grape varieties, annual production by region or province, wine consumption in Canada and vintage charts.

The wines of Canada is the first comprehensive guide to one of the rising stars in the world of wine.

The Wines of Canada

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  • Author: Rod Phillips

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