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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Over the past year regional bodies have looked at way to bring consumers and

specialists to taste their wines and keep on delivery education. Delivery turned out

to be the solution, delivery of samples or bottles of wines.

Samples of wines are done in anaerobic condition, a sort of vacuum, where the

wines are funnels into sterile flasks of 100ml, the wines should last about a week.

Many other alternatives are been experiment with but the glass tubes or flasks are

the most commons Wine Logistic is an example of this services -

For California wine Institute UK was Essential California at home the solution, with

selection of over 200 wines which you could get a samples of at home, as well as a

two days of masterclasses on different themes, I enjoyed following 'Other Varieties'

Masterclass where Barbera, Albarino, Chenin Blanc, Fiano where discussed, other

region and interesting talk was given by Francis Ford Coppolla, on inclusion and

diversity in the wine industry.

Truly a monumental effort from wines of California UK, which also has taken the

occasion to launch Capstone California a certification

to become a California wine Expert.

Here is the list of my favourite ten wines of the lists of wines that I tasted.


Gayserville – 2018

An alluring wine, it has deep aromas, with spices, Cherries, Whole spice, cherry

blossom and black tea. On the palate is mellow, with soft and verdant tannins and

deep. The wine is precise, robust and distinctive.


Cuvee Christine – Syrah 2015

On the nose, it’s enticing, with spices, dark fruits, plum, chocolate, clove and

distinctive aromas of Black Pepper.

The Palate is refreshing, the tannins are soft and carry through in the aftertaste, it

invites to have another glass, the spices come back on the aftertaste.


Soul of a Lion 2017

Opulent and intriguing, aromas of Cherries, raspberries, clove, vanilla, plums,

chocolate. The palate is rich and with soft tannins, the oak influence is felt more, but

the fruits and primary aromas still manage to come fourth, tannins are kept at bay,

The finish is long and defined. Could have less of the oak primordial influence but

exquisite none the less

Bonny Doon Wines

Vin Gris de Cigar

One of the first Dry rose of California, is vibrant with peach, lime, strawberries,

ginger, refreshing acidity, clove vanilla, dry fresh and fragrant, fresh, inviting,

persistent with great body.

Varner Wine

Upper Picnic Block – Pinot Noir 2014

Ripe Red fruits hints on vanilla and grass its delicate and elegant. It presents itself as

elegant in the palate with superb freshness, tannins as well integrate and soften, the

finish is long and defined can improve with age

Silver Oak

Cabernet Sauvignon – 2016 Napa Valley

The wines come in with a jab, it’s rich and direct. The nose has complexity, with

plums and Morello Cherries but then the secondary aromas come through chocolate,

clove, vanilla, nutmeg.

The palate is refreshing, flavourful and the tannins show and in the aftertaste, with

the coffee, toffee cocoa aromas coming through.

Are concentrate and outreaching

Lieu dit

Chenin Blanc 2017

Inviting, red apple, pear, marzipan, honeysuckle, ginger, fresh and complex.

The body is fresh with great acidity, medium, orange and medium, refreshing finish,

almost like a grapefruit.

Gamay 2016

The nose is savoury, leather, bloody, red cherries compote, black pepper. It quickly

shows red fruits the palate is soft and round, with very good harmony. The finish is

precise and compose.

Four vines

The Biker Zinfandel - 2018

Concentrated and well defined, it springs to the nose with red berries, plums with

dark fruits and whole spice.

On the palate, is uplifted with fresh acidity the tannins are present at mid-palate and

gives the wine vibrancy. With fruits carrying through on the after taste.

Au Bon Climat

Nuits Blanches au Bouge Chardonnay – 2017 

Good colour intensity golden hue

Nutmeg, ginger, yoghurt and vibrant and fresh wine, with complexity, Yellow peach,

pear and bread

Medium body with Great intensity, complex with white peach aromas, acidity is

steely, butterscotch

The finish is fresh and persistent but not overly powerful

Great respect for Jim Clendenen the wonderful mind behind Au Bon Climate, I had

the occasion to meet Jim in 2020 at the live tasting of the California Wine Institute in


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